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The Design Juicery create beautiful cleanses, enriched with local produce and keeping in tune with the cycles of Mother Nature. We wholeheartedly believe in cleansing as the seasons change, and that our bodies require different elements as we move through the course of the year. We also believe in community, and that coming together to cleanse is incredibly beneficial.

That is why we now exclusively offer The Design Juicery seasonal cleanses - two dates per season, eight chances a year. Cleanse with your community, cleanse with the seasons. 


We know that sometimes you just need something now, so we also offer a few of our top gems for sale year round, any day of the week. Our Onyx-ade Charcoal Lemonade is natures antidote to an indulgent spree, or our shot packs provide the ultimate kick right when you need them! Check out both in our store.

If you are seeking something a little different please also feel free to get in touch - we can still take a few custom orders and are always happy to help. 


autumn cleanse :
20 April

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winter cleanse:
01 june / 20 July 

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Spring cleanse:
01 Sept / 19 Oct

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summer cleanse :
01 dec / 18 jan

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the design juicery

The Design Juicery is a family run business, founded by Courteney and Todd in 2014. Courteney was fortunate enough to grow up drinking fresh juices every morning (thanks to a super healthy mother!) and, frustrated with the options available in the beverage market, decided to launch a business focused around adding goodness into daily life. The idea of "healthy convenience" was derived early on, and so we set about creating beautiful, fresh, healthy products that were free from manipulation - whether chemical or otherwise.

We wanted to make it easy for time-poor Kiwis to add wellness to their days, and soon began delivering throughout the region.

Almost four years later and our business has grown into something we are incredibly proud of. Our juices are now delivered nationwide, our cleanses are more beautiful than ever and we continue to stand true to the product we envisioned all those years ago. We still produce juice that is purely fruit and vegetables - and we always will.

Our juices support local growers, our glass bottles are recyclable, and we absolutely love the relationships we have developed with our community over the years. Our importance is on people, and positively impacting the health and lives of kiwis - no matter how young! (Yes - our juices are toddler approved too!)

From our family to yours, with love x