Seventy powerful, soul igniting, health inspiring mL of intensity are packed into every bottle of our SHOTS, designed to set your world on fire and have your radiant inner goddess bursting free! Each drop packs a powerful punch, and whether you need to step up your hustle or glow brighter than Beyoncé we have you covered! Shot ‘em back straight or add them to your favourite cold pressed delights, as long as you feel spectacular that’s the main thing!
Select one of each or five of your favourites, the choice is yours.
Onyx – Activated coconut charcoal, lemon, maple, salt + water
Balls in the air – Lemon + ginger
Queen Bey – Bentonite Clay, dark berries, lemon + water
Glow Bomb – Chorella, Mint + water
Spice up your life – Turmeric

Please leave a note at checkout as to what flavours you would like.

Shipping is $10 per item.

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